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Did you know that you are paying more for trucking services than you need to?
As a non-asset based freight broker, AMERICAN FREIGHT BROKER (DBA:Trucking Tribe) relies on independent carriers and drivers to help us deliver our clients’ truckload shipments. We work with motor carriers of all sizes, from single owner/operators to companies with large truck fleets. We are always looking for dependable carriers and drivers to haul for us.
Selection of the right carrier is critical to the success of every load. 

Our Carrier Set Up

To be set up as a contracted carrier for AMERICAN FREIGHT BROKER (DBA:Trucking Tribe), a carrier must meet the following criteria:

  • Execute the AMERICAN FREIGHT BROKER (DBA:Trucking Tribe.) Master Broker-Carrier Agreement
  • An established business for at least one year
  • Motor Cargo insurance of $100,000
  • Auto liability insurance of $1,000,000
  • Add AMERICAN FREIGHT BROKER (DBA:Trucking Tribe) as an Additional Insured and Certificate Holder to your policy
  • Satisfactory safety rating from the FMCSA
  • AMERICAN FREIGHT BROKER (DBA:Trucking Tribe) will have direct contact with drivers via mobile phone, pager, or satellite system

Our success mantra. 
​We are resourceful !!!

When we arrange for freight transportation, we know the customer and carrier both expect that we will find a solution to almost any problem that arises. This means being a resourceful problem solver. If the carrier used to transport a load has a vehicle failure and cannot find a repair shop located close to the incident, we as the broker have two options:
Find another carrier AND a lumper service (individual(s) who loads and/or unloads trailers) to offload the trailer that had a vehicle failure and transfer the cargo to another carrier; or
Find a repair shop where the carrier can pay for services.

Being resourceful often times means having a plan to solve a problem or series of problems. Being resourceful means we do not generally tell a customer or a carrier that we cannot be of help or that we do not know what to do on their behalf. The successful alternative is to find a suitable solution very rapidly.
We have the variable fleet to efficiently handle all your transportation needs.

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