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Paperwork Only: 

Find and Book your own loads, contact us and we will fill out any broker/carrier packages necessary. We will submit the appropriate W-9, authority, request a certificate holders copy from your insurance provider and send it to your new customer.

Load Planning/ Dispatching

We will find freight that bestmatches the client’s profile. Upon the client agreeing to the load, we will fax the
shipper/broker the clients Authority, W-9, proof of insurance, order insurance certificates if required, along with any other required supporting documentation. Handle the scheduling of appointment if necessary (depending on agreement). Prepare directions to shipper/consignee, if necessary
(depending on agreement). Assist with any problems that arise in the transit of the load when necessary within our capabilities. Clients are responsible for their own equipment and communicating with our team regarding schedule maintenance. We can direct you to a service that maybe.


Weekly Flat Fee Plan
$245-$350 per week
-Prepaid Flat fee per truck

-Unlimited Gross Revenue
-No long term Commitment required

-Unlimited number of loads per week

Percentage Plan
7%- 10% gross revenue
-Postpaid percentage per truck

-Unlimited Gross Revenue
-No long term Commitment required

-Unlimited number of loads per week

Virtual Administrative Support
$100 per week- You find your own loads and we handle the rest:
-Completion of Broker Packets
-Signing of Rate confirmation
-Unlimited Broker Packets

Other Services

Business Formation
Before getting your Motor Carrier Authority we can help you protect your personal assets, such as your home, bank accounts and personal investments. Setting up a business entity such as a corporation or a Limited Liability Company (LLC) can create separation between your business and personal assets. The cost varies with the hard cost differing from State to State.

New Motor Carrier Authority: 
We can apply for and receive your DOT and MC numbers the same day that you give us the go ahead. We will also file the government required BOC-3 free of charge. Keep in mind that the Authority will not be active for 21 days. If there are any hiccups along the way, we will stick with you until the authority is granted. The cost of applying for your authority is $495.

UCR (Unified Carrier Registration): 
This is a filing required for all for-hire private motor carriers who cross state lines. This fee must be renewed each December for the following year. If we file this for you, we will notify you with plenty of time to make sure that it stays current. Failure to file the UCR can get you stopped at a port and/or get you a ticket. The cost of the UCR filing is $130. 

Services Coming Soon.

Annual Flat-Rate Drug and Alcohol Program: 
For $199 your single driver Starter kit will include the DOT required Pre-Employment test, Drug and Alcohol Policy in your company name, membership to the DOT compliant consortium for the year, and all random testing for the entire year. The Annual Membership renewal is $139, and will include all random testing fees. As you grow your transportation company, you can add additional drivers for $99 for the year. A simple approach to drug and alcohol compliance. Pay once, we do the rest!

Prepaid IFTA Made Easy: 
$150.00 per quarter and $75 for any additional truck per quarter. Any motor vehicle registered at 26,001 pounds or more and registered with apportioned plates is required to submit a quarterly IFTA report. When you have completed your final trip for the quarter, simply mail your trip packets along with your fuel receipts in the provided prepaid self-addressed envelope; we’ll take care of the rest.

Audit Assurance Filing System: 
Every new Motor Carrier will be required to have a New Entrant Audit within the first 12 months of operation. The auditors want to see that you have systems in place to ensure that you remain compliant with the DOT regulations. Our Step by Step Audit Assurance System is that system. Click here to see a video to learn more about them. 

The cost is only $99! The grand total for you would be $1073. This does not include insurance and IRP/IFTA set up.
LLC price is not included in the $1073